Community Activity

Developing the PPEA community

The PPEA is part of a diverse and global family of people who aim to know, do and inspire in the field of primary physical education.  For our Community page, we would love to hear from you and the work you are doing that is making a difference and having impact.

This could be in the form of:

  • A case study/project
  • Overview of a collaboration
  • An introduction to a professional network
  • Blog/opinion piece
  • Resource sharing
  • A spotlight on your work (or the work of someone else)
  • A summary of your research (either written, video or audio)
  • Other – if so please detail what this will be


All written pieces should be a maximum of 500 words including references (if used).  If your contribution involves links to other external webpages, please make sure you include an unbroken link within your submission.

Please use the following format for your submission:

  • Contribution type (e.g. case study/project/research/collaboration/professional overview/blog/opinion piece/resource sharing/professional network)
  • Title
  • Name, affiliation, contact details and social media handles
  • Main text, including references and other external weblinks

Please ensure you have the correct permissions to share your content with the PPEA, especially work that is part of a collaboration, the work of others or involves sharing images or data. 

We are particularly interested in hearing about:

  • Collaborations across academia, teacher education, industry, charities, and professional organisations
  • Topics on inclusion and diversity, curriculum, pedagogy, advocacy and professional practice
  • Engagement from pupils, parents, school leaders/governors, volunteers and teachers

To contribute to our community page, please submit your idea to